10 facts about bitcoin

10 facts about bitcoin you know to decide

bitcoin chart, is bitcoin safe?, how can i get bitcoins?, and who owns bitcoins?

These are some of the questions that revolve in the minds of every person who wants to work in the field of digital currencies, so we will give you some answers for the bitcoin chart.

Working in digital currencies, especially bitcoin, must be part of an organized strategy to ensure profit.

And in our article today, we will give you 10 information about bitcoin that you know to decide whether to enter this field or not.


Bitcoin price.

bitcoin price At the beginning of the article, you can know that the price of bitcoin reached 65 thousand dollars per bitcoin, and this gives you an idea of ​​the strength of this currency.

At the present time, the price of this bitcoin price is about 48 thousand US dollars, after it fell to 30 thousand dollars early in the year.

This gives you an idea of ​​this currency, which is related to supply and demand, as it is like the stock exchange. If the demand for a stock increases, it rises and vice versa, and this shows us its fluctuations.

So the price of bitcoin changes every moment.



What is bitcoin.

As we know that bitcoin is a virtual currency that is obtained through mining which is a computer process.

This system works to store the information that is extracted from the Bitcoin network to be converted by complex algorithms into codes and then converted to Bitcoin.


Developed by bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an open source system developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and this pseudonym, meaning that it is called the developers of this system.

We do not have confirmed information about whether the developers of Bitcoin were a group or a single person, but this name is given to them to denote the developers of this system.

Who owns bitcoin.

As we mentioned that bitcoin is an open source system, which means that it is not owned by any party, institution or country.

This means that virtually everyone who works in the Bitcoin network is the owner of this network, as through a currency he can influence the Bitcoin and its price.


How do bitcoin transactions take place.

Bitcoin transactions are made by storing your account and balance information, and money is transferred by sending a message on the Blockchain program.

This message is sent in a fully encrypted manner and is a record of financial transactions that are stored in computers.


How is my bitcoin saved?

The value of bitcoin you got from this currency is kept in special records as numbers, letters and symbols, and this is the currency that you own.

Thus, you can know that this currency is a set of numbers and letters that you must keep well in a safe place.

Therefore, you must write these numbers in an external paper or file on the computer, but secure it with a password.


Can bitcoin be stolen?
Through the bitcoin network system, your account cannot be stolen, but you must maintain the confidentiality of your data and you must keep it away from anyone’s access to it to avoid it being stolen. And this network in general cannot be manipulated by a hacker.

Can i buy bitcoin.

Of course, you can easily buy Bitcoin online, but be careful when buying and deal with reliable sites in order to avoid fraud and theft of your money.

It can be purchased through forex and from sites that provide the service of buying and selling bitcoin.

How do i keep bitcoin.

You can keep your account information and balance in a file on your computer or on a flash drive away from your computer.

You can also write this data in an external paper to avoid accessing it by stealing your data from the computer.

Each bitcoin has a set of numbers and letters of up to 26 letters and numbers that are linked to your account.


Is Bitcoin used in commercial transactions?

Some companies offer the service of buying their products through the bitcoin currency, and this gave them great strength, as it is now considered a recognized currency in many international companies.

Is Bitcoin used for illegal work?

Bitcoin can be used by criminals in their illegal activities to make it impossible to trace transactions through the Bitcoin network that protects users’ transactions.

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