7 tips for marketing your content and increasing customers 500%

7 tips for marketing your content and increasing customers 500%


The content that you provide is the biggest factor in the success of your marketing plan for your projects, whether this project is a small, medium, or large store, or a company, or if your business is a website only.

Most of the strategies we use in marketing depend on the content you provide, whether you are online or in your actual store, content is king.

What is content marketing?


Content marketing means the strategies we use to enhance the quality of the content we provide to our customers. The basis of this strategy is that we focus on providing the content that the customer is looking for, and therefore if the customer searches for the product you offer, your product is at the top of the list, and if you offer content With value and quality, the percentage of customers reaching you will be greater.

Everyone knows that good content has the biggest factor in distinguishing your product and project and shows the customer that you are an expert in your field, but there are many projects that face obstacles and difficulties due to the lack of planning for their projects, and in this article we will provide the most important tips for content marketing

The most important tips for marketing your product in a professional manner

Content Quality

Content is the king, put this sentence in front of your eyes all the time because the content you provide to your customers if it is valuable, your customers will search for you and your products precisely because the customer appreciates good content, so before you promote your products, whatever you are, you should review them repeatedly and take the opinion of some consultants that He found it for you, and if you did not find it, take the opinion of your friends or put yourself in the place of the customer and think about what he is interested in “the value of the product or the price of the product”


Develop a scheduled marketing plan

The return on marketing your products will be more feasible if you develop a systematic plan for marketing your products and work on it, then you have to develop a plan to work in your project because marketing for products when it has a schedule and a plan, the financial and marketing return of the products is greater by between 375% and 525%, if you In this case, you outperform your competitors who work without a clear marketing plan by at least 4 times, and this percentage is an estimate and is due to the method used in marketing. This percentage can reach 10 times, just start working and develop your plan and you will notice the difference in customers’ access to your products, but no Despair in the beginning and do not rush the difference and you will notice quickly.

Share your content on social media platforms

Build your brand on social media platforms and make your product present on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms, as they are a great source for customers. In search engines everywhere and your product will be on the first pages of these platforms

And diversifying the content that you provide from photos, articles, videos and posts makes you reach your customers in all ways, so take advantage of these platforms to earn a lot.

Invite your customers to make an order (CTA)

Motivate your customers to take a certain action, and this increases the chances of customers reaching you, and this stimulates the brain cells of the customer who sees your ad and makes him more interactive with your ad.

Don’t forget to email

E-mail is one of the most powerful marketing methods in the past two decades and is of great importance. You have to create your mailing list for your target customers, and you should know that the customer who sees your e-mail has the greatest opportunity to reach you, unlike social media platforms. E-mail is more feasible and effective if it is targeted.

Do not make your customers forget you, motivate them by sending mails regularly, but be balanced in sending mail in order to keep the customer, and send him offers and discounts and motivate him to get your offer.


Advertise your content

After you publish your content on your site, advertise this content to attract customers to your site or store and advertise on social media platforms, especially through the accounts that we created in the name of our activity to remember everyone who sees our advertisement, and promote via e-mail and Google ads


Ask for help from an experienced person

Be realistic and know that advertising content is of great importance in converting customers to your store and think about whether you are good at creating advertising materials on your own or do you need someone to help you create your ad and do not hesitate to ask for help from others and in this case think about who can present your ad in the best way

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