8 steps to boost your SEO and make your site top search engines

8 steps to boost your SEO and make your site top search engines

Leading the search results is very important for bloggers and website owners.

As the site that is at the forefront of search results gets the most visits and of course the biggest profit, so we all work on our sites to get on the first pages.

In this article, I will present to you 8 steps to boost your SEO and make your site top search engines, and you have to work hard to reach the first pages.


8 steps to boost your SEO and make your site top search engines.

One of the common questions on the mind of every blogger and website owner is:…

  • How can I improve my site’s ranking in search engines?
  • How do you get me to get a lot of hits?
  • What topics enable me to get a lot of hits?

Of course, these are the questions that all bloggers think about the most and that crossed my mind before and I thought about them a lot before I was able to extract these important points that I will mention in the article.

Before I mention these points to you, let us answer these questions frankly and clearly.


How to improve my site’s ranking in search engines.

Of course, we all work on our sites so that we can get a lot of traffic, which in turn enables us to get the right profit.

In order to be able to improve our site’s ranking in search engines, we must follow these steps:…

1. Add our blog to Webmaster Tools.

There are many webmaster tools, but the most famous ones are:

Google Webmaster Tools, and certainly the most famous one, which occupies more than 70% of searches on it.

Bing Webmaster Tools, which is Microsoft’s search engine and is the second largest search engine after Google and should not be neglected by website owners.

Yandex Webmaster Tools, which is the main search engine in Russia and works by residents of Russia and its neighboring countries, and you should pay attention to it and add your site to it to get visits from it.

Baidu Webmaster Tools, which is the main search engine in China, and we all know how many visits we might get from it because China alone has a population of more than 1.3 billion people.


2. Share your articles on your social media accounts, as they are a rich source of targeted traffic.

3. Create pages for your blog on social media platforms and share your new articles on them, and you can share some news from other sites if they are popular to get more fans.

These points greatly improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

way to get a lot of hits.
Of course, getting traffic to your articles is very important, so you can follow these steps to get targeted traffic:…

1. Share your articles on social media platforms.

At this point, you need to search for trending hashtags in the area of ​​your article to get targeted traffic.

But in Twitter you should also use the trending hashtags at this time, and you can search for the popular hashtags in America, Canada, Australia, Britain and the Gulf countries because they guarantee you a higher click price.

2. If you have a mailing list, you should send them your articles periodically, but beware that you send them daily, but you can email them once or twice a week.

3. Use WhatsApp and Telegram to send articles to interested people, because this ensures faster access and a higher rate of entry to the article.

Topics that enable me to get a lot of hits.
Of course, your articles should be exclusive, and they should provide real information.

Of course, everything you work on will find people looking for it, but you have to target keywords and promote your articles.

Steps to display search results.

Below we present to you the best 7 steps that enable you to easily top the search results… and improve your site’s SEO ranking.


• Give search engines what they need and prefer.

Have you ever asked yourself what search engines prefer? Of course, good content is what search engines prefer.

The good content is through the exclusive article, the good coordination of the article, the speed of your site and the ease of browsing.

• Review your articles, correct errors, and update your articles.

As search engines prefer articles that are updated periodically, you can at least review your articles every 6 months to update the old content.


• When writing your article, you can use other articles from other sites, but you have to formulate the content in your own way so that search engines do not consider it a theft of content.

As search engines penalize websites and blogs that steal other people’s content and prevent their appearance.

• Write articles that are long enough, as the latest reports indicate that the best content is more than 2000 words.

But does our article exceed 2000 words? Of course, 90% of our articles do not exceed 1000 words, and this means that you have to pay attention to the long content with useful information in it.

• Publishing on a continuous basis, this is very important for the search engines to publish, as the websites and blogs that are published on an ongoing basis are at the forefront of the search engines.

This is due to the number of articles on your site, but this will not be easy. You have to publish heavily at first, and you have to exceed 100 articles to get average traffic.


• Responsive Website

As with all devices, as most of the people surfing the Internet at the present time from phones, you should take care of the responsiveness of your site with the devices.

Google prefers sites that are responsive to smartphones and offers them over sites that are not responsive to phones.

• Using a lightweight, fast and virus-free template.

The blog template must be fast in browsing and entering the site, and it must be free of malicious code that may harm browsers.

• Ease of navigating the site and accessing articles.

One of the most important factors in ranking sites is the ease of access to articles, by placing articles in their own classifications, and this makes it easy to browse the site.

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