Best Fast VPN Software

Best Fast VPN Software

Today we will talk about VPN applications for safe browsing, known for short.

About VPNs:

These applications know that they give you a private network and give you high security, as no one can access your data through this network, which is transmitted through private servers and is not easily accessible.


Because of this, many rely on these networks for their presence on the Internet, as these networks are able to give you a different IP and this gives you the ability to hide your original location and be through these networks with a different address in a country other than your country, and by obtaining this feature you can work on your phone Or your computer and you, for example, are in Egypt and you change your location to the United States of America, and this matter you can use to obtain features that are not available in your country, for example, that you can use electronic broadcasting services such as Netflix and others, and this enables you to open blocked sites in Your country .

Here is a simple look at the uses of private VPNs.

Now we will review some of the features of some private VPNs

Best Fast VPN Software


TorGuard VPN software:
You can use the VPN provided by the TorGuard application to customize the unique user experience, so that it can customize your location based on the features you want to get, as you can watch Netflix as if you are in the United States of America and at the same time you can work on Google like you are in Egypt.

This gives you a distinct and unique user experience, and for this matter, it is considered the best application in that you can work on multiple sites at the same time with different IPs from different countries.
The application also gives you a high safety rate for your use.

But there is a problem in using the TorGuard application that there is a problem with the Internet speed when using the application, as the application when it is active, the Internet speed is greatly affected, as it decreases to about half, and the application works with efficiency and quality with networks for broadcasting content, for example, Netflix


Download TorGuard:

Download VPN for PC

Download VPN for Android

Download VPN for iPhone

You can use the TorGuard program and download it from the official website for computers and phones of all kinds.

To download the program, please go to the official TorGuard website from here to download.

The program is one of the latest VPN programs working on the Internet, and the application is characterized by its high security, as the application was developed by ProtonMail, one of the largest secure mail networks.

The application provides the user with a free version with limited features, and the free version of the application comes with lower speeds than the paid version and fewer countries that you can call.

Download free VPN and you can download the fastest free VPN

And you can use the application to access all streaming services over the Internet except for Netflix. You cannot use the application with this service because of Netflix’s refusal to work with this application.


Download ProtonMail:

Download VPN for PC

Download VPN for Android

Download VPN for iPhone

You can use ProtonMail and download it from the official website.

To download the program, please go to the official ProtonMail website from here to download.

And finally, the IPVanish application:
The application gives you everything you wish from the VPN program, as the subscription prices for the application are suitable for the services provided by the application

The application has more than 1500 servers distributed in more than 75 countries around the world, and the application does not calculate the Internet used through it, and this makes users who use the Internet more than usual prefer this application over other applications because it does not measure the Internet used by you, This gives an advantage to the application as it does not impose restrictions to limit the use.

The application is one of the best VPNs currently available.

The application gives you the advantage of cloud storage of up to 500 GB, and this is very good for users.


Download IPVanish:

Download VPN for PC

Download VPN for Android

Download VPN for iPhone

You can use the IPVanish program and download it from the official website, and you can use it on tablets, phones and desktops.

To download the program, please go to the official IPVanish website from here to download.

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