best IPTV player 2021

best IPTV player 2021

If you are looking to watch TV on a digital platform, then you are in the right place. As you know, IPTV is a service that allows you to watch TV without using traditional terrestrial, satellite and cable TV formats. IPTV is basically a digital TV to stream TV channels instantly without hassles. A very large percentage of people today are watching TV online, that is, not via satellite, but only via Wi-Fi, specifically watching IPTV channels, that is, watching channels on TV through IPTV technology, which has become very popular so that there are many IPTV player applications that allow you to play and watch encrypted and open channels on Smart tv, android, ios and PC for free or paid

In this article, we are going to list the best IPTV players, which you can use to access TV content right on Smart tv, android, ios and PC
The options are many, but we’ve put together the best possible list.

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Best IPTV Apps for Smart TV

If you want to enjoy watching channels, live broadcasts of matches, etc. on your smart TV, you must know that it is necessary to resort to an application that allows you to play IPTV M3U lists. So what I will present to you are the ideal options for a better viewing experience on Smart TV Online.

Without any doubt, if you have a smart TV that supports Android, VLC is the perfect player to play m3u files. It is a popular and open source application that allows you to play videos, music and any other type of content without any plugins and restrictions.

To use the app, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store on your smart TV, search for the VLC app, and then install it in the normal way. Once you’re done, enter it and click on media at the top, then click on Open network location, a window will appear that includes a box to enter the URL of any channel you want to run.


It is one of the most popular applications that allows you to easily and smoothly stream channels, movies and videos across various devices including Android Smart TV and Apple TV. As with the above launcher, you can simply install it via the Google Play Store.

It is one of the most widely used applications in playing IPTV files to watch encrypted channels. In addition, it allows you to watch most movies and series, as well as many different TV shows. The application works very efficiently and you will not face any problems with it.


Another interesting application, it supports many file formats, including files for watching IPTV channels. An easy-to-use application that allows you to customize the main interface such as creating a shortcut to channels to facilitate operation while the application is open, and you can also create lists and add content to favorites. You should know that this application is just a player, as you can play on it on your smart TV the videos and files of IPTV channels with good performance as is the case with Kodi player and VLC.

The app recommends playing m3u or xspf IPTV files for a better viewing experience. Moreover, the application includes many important features that allow you to experience a very easy and convenient use of the smart TV.

Another very popular application in the world of IPTV, due to its free services and its high efficiency in playing files in many formats, including, m3u, asx, xspf, pls, and you can play any video or audio clip, whether online or offline. The application is characterized by many other features such as access to service provider content, parental control feature, elegance and smoothness in use, high performance in operation.


IPTV Smarters Pro
This popular app is also a support player for IPTV files that you can play on it with high performance. It’s designed to work with any smart TV, but with Samsung and LG brand support, not to mention Android as well. Easy to use application, all you have to do is upload the IPTV file on it, put a URL or login to it via Xtream Codes API.

As with most other applications, this application does not allow you any built-in IPTV channels, you have to provide them yourself and run them on the application smoothly. It is a customizable app that allows you to organize your lists, turn on a VPN, one of the interesting features of it is that it can run and display multiple screens with different content at the same time, this is suitable for two brothers who are always arguing about what content to watch on TV.


An application that allows us to watch IPTV on smart TV through m3u lists that allows us to access all encrypted and open channels and play movies and series. In addition, you can also install the application on some TV box devices such as the famous Amazon Fire TV Stick and some other devices that come with this application pre-installed, and it is worth noting that the application is also compatible with Apple TV devices.

The application is available on the Google Play Store and its official website. Of course, the easiest and fastest way to install the application on our smart TV is through the Google Play Store, just enter the latter on the TV and simply download and install it.

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IPTV player android

VLC for Android
The first application among the best IPTV applications for Android is the well-known VLC application, which we use a lot on Windows devices in addition to smartphones operating on the Android and iPhone iOS systems.

The application has a lot of advantages, including the ability to play M3u files necessary to play, as it is necessary to add them in the IPTV program to be able to watch.

All you have to do is:

Go to the application link via the Google Play Store, click here.
Click the Install button.
Wait until the installation process is finished.
I open the application by clicking on it.
Right at the top, click on the media option.
Then click on Open network location.
Now you can paste the IPTV link in the URL field to start displaying what can be shown.


We are still with the best IPTV applications for Android 2021 and this time we come to another application and program among the many programs, which is GSE SMART IPTV.

The distinctive feature of the application is that it is possible to watch movies and series through IPTV via m3u files, and it is also possible to install it on some TV box devices and it is also available on Apple TV devices.

Go to the Google Play Store, click here.
Click on the Install button.
Wait until the installation process is finished.
You can copy the link and place it in the space provided to start watching the films and visuals presented.
The application is easy to use and is available in more than 31 languages ​​around the world, including Arabic, English and many other languages ​​that you can use through the program.

IPTV Smarters Pro
The application is available through the official store for Android applications Google Play Store.

It is very important to be able to start broadcasting TV through this application or program to get an M3U link to put it in the search box and start visualizing from channels that contain many movies and series, both global and local.

Click here to download IPTV Smarters Pro for Android.

SS IPTV Application
It is not from the few that this program is among the best IPTV apps for Android 2021.

It has a number of advantages and specifications, including:

Play all types of files that support any BitTV service including asx, xspf, m3u and other important files.
The application is easy to use and its settings are simple and elegant.
You can also watch any video or audio file without an offline or online connection.
And the Parental Control feature if you want to monitor what your kids watch and protect them from bad content.
Click here to download the SS IPTV app from the Google Play Store.

TiviMate IPTV Player App
It is also among the best IPTV applications that you can download in order to watch files that support the IPTV service.

The only drawback of this program is that it is only available for Android TV devices and cannot be used on smartphones.

Download the application to be able to watch TV programs and other entertaining and enjoyable programs through devices that support this, as it is possible to upgrade some items in order to take advantage of the paid features in this application and other applications.

You can also save your favorite programs through the application with its support for multiple playback of multimedia files, as it is undisputedly the best IPTV 2021 application.

Free IPTV This program is the best program to run IPTV without cutting for Android, as it helps you watch TV programs over the Internet in high quality 720 and HD, and it also has the feature of parental control, and protects the application with a password to prevent any intruder from use it.

Download Free IPTV

There are many different IPTV applications, including:

Smart IPTV application.
Kodi kodi software.
OTT Navigator IPTV Software.
IPTV Core app.
IPTV application.

IPTV player IOS free

iPlayTV app for iPhone

iPlayTV offers a unique selection of live and VOD content to help you easily explore the largest digital content. Supports multiple audio/subtitle tracks to help you enjoy content in different languages. It supports most of the IPTV playlist to ensure that you watch the content of your choice effortlessly. It offers multiple playlist option where you get remote control options, Xtream codecs and file uploads. With iPlayTV, you can search for channels in all playlists to find your favorite content.
To download the application: IPTV Player
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IPTV Player play m3u playlist app for iOS devices

The second best dedicated IPTV app for Apple TV is IPTV Player. This smart IPTV client works well with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It provides many unique features that help you to scan, load and preview the channel in playlist automatically. Here, you will find a built-in high-quality video engine for playing video content which reduces the need for an external player.
To download the application: IPTV Player play m3u playlist

TV Streams app: Play & Cast IPTV for iPhone and iPad

TV streaming offers the easiest way to watch your favorite TV content on all of your Apple devices. With this powerful IPTV app for Apple TV, you can watch every channel in the world. It also works well on other iOS devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It allows you to import the channels of your choice using an M3U playlist. To do this, you can use the Mail app or import directly from the Pastebin link. It uses native elements from iOS, macOS, and tvOS to enhance ease of use and user experience. It offers an easy sync feature that syncs with iCloud to help you access your favorite content.
To download the application: TV Streams: Play & Cast IPTV

rIPTV app for iOS devices

Use rIPTV on all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. It helps you enjoy multimedia content across devices in one app. Provides live streaming and video-on-demand content on your iOS device. If you are looking for the best IPTV app for Apple TV that gives you access to the huge library of video content, then you should choose rIPTV. Offers multiple IPTV playlist with infinite channel scrolling to watch your favorite video and TV content. To download the application: rIPTV

SPB TV World: TV and movies app to watch more than 100 TV channels

Use SPB TV to turn your device into a real TV. It offers live streaming option with access to more than 100 TV channels in different languages ​​from all over the world. It runs on an easy to use interface with excellent video quality and offers legal content for free. You can try this powerful app to watch the content of your choice anytime and anywhere.
To download the application: SPB TV World: TV and movies

GSE SMART IPTV app for Apple TV

GSE Smart TV is an advanced IPTV app for various iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. With this one of the best IPTV apps for Apple TV, you can explore tons of digitally escalating content on your Apple device. The end-to-end user-defined IPTV solution provides both live and indirect broadcasting and streaming options. It supports multiple themes with the option of live reconnection via live broadcast to provide a smooth user experience.
To download the application: GSE SMART IPTV

Cloud Stream IPTV Player application to watch channels on iPhone

This advanced IPTV Apple TV app helps you to view live or VOD content from your ISP or other Internet TV source. It provides smooth streaming of Internet channels and allows you to run multicast via UDP proxy. It comes with the option to playlist ads from the file system device from the clipboard or online.
To download the application: Cloud Stream IPTV Player

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IPTV player for Windows PC

MyIpTV application from Microsoft to watch IPTV without installing any software

MyIpTV is an application designed by Microsoft that provides you IPTV watching capabilities without installing any third-party software. All you need to run MyIpTV is a Windows 10 PC and access to the Microsoft Store.
Download link: MyIpTV
VLC program to play IPTV files

VLC Media Player is the best IPTV software for Windows 10. It is an open source multimedia player that can be easily installed on any device and can play a variety of file formats. You can also play DVDs and CDs.
VLC supports almost all audio and video compression methods and file formats, and is also capable of streaming media over computer networks and converting multimedia files.

VLC comes with a large number of free decoder and encoder libraries. The ‘libvacodec library’ from FFmpeg provides many codecs for VLC but the player also has some codecs built in.

One of the best features of this applet is the fact that it can also stream and play IPTV using m3u files. If you have the latest version of VLC, you can watch IPTV channels through an easy to use interface.
Download link: VLC

SimpleTV is the best IPTV player

Simple TV is one of the best IPTV players for Windows 10 users, providing a free and convenient player for viewing TV shows in digital format. This application also allows you to listen to radio and watch IPTV but it does not support torrent TV.
There is no installation process because this app is completely portable.
Because of this feature, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not modified with new entries and no data is left after deletion.
Another important aspect of Simple TV is that the interface is neatly organized so that you can easily browse the TV channels that you enjoy.
Download link: SimpleTV

Another universal and powerful ProgDVB / ProgTV software to watch IPTV channels

ProgDVB / ProgTV is another universal and powerful software for watching digital TV and listening to online radio channels.
ProgDVB consists of two independent user interfaces that work together to give you easy access to all options.
ProgDVB is designed for remote control (HTPC) but also provides you with the same functionality if used with a mouse.
Download link: ProgDVB / ProgTV
Plex programs to broadcast TV channels using IPTV

Plex also enables you to stream live TV over the Internet using IPTV. It is becoming more and more popular even though it doesn’t come with a great user interface.
It is one of the closest competitors to Kodi, and yet another high-quality IPTV player for Windows that shares a similar position with Plex.
It can convert any media file to avoid buffering and slow loading, which is great for improving end user experience.
However, this is not a free service, so you have to pay for what you use. This might be an alternative if you can pay for an overall good user experience.
Download link: Plex
Kodi program to play IPTV files on the computer

Kodi is well known for its media services, but it can also be used as an IPTV player. The app can be used to manage all your media files. Individually, you can play many TV channels online. By installing different types of add-ons, you can play video on demand (VOD) and live TV.
Download link: Kodi
Watch the best IPTV channels through My lPTV Player

My IPTV is another powerful media player that comes with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to help you watch the best IPTV channels on your Windows PC or Laptop.

If you have an active IPTV subscription, you can use the My IPTV app to listen to online radio channels and watch digital TV and Video on Demand (VOD).

It comes with an easy to use interface and can seamlessly stream your m3u playlist from local storage or any other remote location. If you want to give it a try, you can download the My IPTV app from the Microsoft Store for free.
Download link: My lPTV Player
Free TV Player Best IPTV Players for Windows

Free TV Player provides easy access to all your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Channels and Internet Radio, making it one of the best IPTV Players for Android.

or running Windows.
To enjoy live TV shows on your desktop or laptop, simply upload your M3U playlist and you are good to go.
Download link: Free TV Player

Enjoy watching IPTV via OttPlayer

Don’t have enough money to pay the monthly subscription for your TV channels? We got you secured, here we introduce OttPlayer which is one of the best IPTV players for Windows 10 PC, you can watch your favorite TV channels and shows for free using your PC and internet. OttPlayer allows its users to watch IPTV from your Internet Service Provider or any other source on phones, tablets, set-top box or TV, and all these facilities are in a centralized control via the website. Enjoy IPTV

Download link: OttPlayer

Play IPTV, m3u and XSPF files via Perfect Player Windows
Use the best free IPTV player for Windows to enjoy your favorite digital content right on your PC. The advanced full-featured IPTV/Media player comes with semi-transparent OSD and the option to control and manage full screen gameplay. Perfect Player Windows provides multi-language support, including support for English, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Portuguese and Ukrainian. It offers a scalable OSD option where OSD menus and videos are perfectly displayed with any screen size and resolution. It supports m3u and XSPF playlist formats as well as support for EPG formats.

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