computer speed up commands 200%

computer speed up commands 200%


About computer performance
The performance of our computer varies according to each person and what he does on his computer, and it also depends on several factors, including the physical components of the computer that make up the computer, and the capabilities of these parts vary in terms of their speed, size and compatibility with the rest of the computer parts.

The performance of the computer is balanced if the computer gets its own updates, especially security updates, which keep the computer safe from viruses and malicious software that spy on your performance and work and can obtain data and information about the user, and these viruses have great damage to the performance and speed of the computer as these Malware runs in the background and takes a lot of computer hardware such as the processor, RAM and disk storage space, especially the operating system partition.

This was an overview of the difference between computer performance, and from here, visitors to the Technical Brief blog, we begin to list some solutions to some common problems.

Scan your computer for viruses

In order to maintain a good computer performance, you should scan your computer for viruses using one of the antivirus programs available on the Internet.

After you have scanned the computer for viruses and free of malicious software, we can now move on to the next steps, which are to check the computer for errors and try to fix them.

Computer acceleration commands:
You can perform some tasks through which Windows can work more efficiently, as the Windows operating system allows the user to do some maintenance work for his computer through some simple commands that enable him to fix many problems related to the operating system, hard and RAM malfunctions, and some Other pieces and here are some of the most important of these commands:-


Operating system file corruption problem

The computer user can detect corruption of some files of the operating system through which the computer work is restricted correctly and quickly, and the computer can be checked by following the following steps:

In this way, we will use the command (sfc).

• First, press the start button + the hamza letter, and in English press the Windows + X button.

• After that, a list will open for you with a set of options, click on the option [Windows PowerShell -Admin].
• After that, type the command (sfc /scannow) in the list of command prompts.

• Then wait for the scan to finish.

The problem of damaged parts of the hard drive and ways to fix it
The hard disk, like other products, has a specific shelf life, so after some time from purchasing the hard disk, it begins to lose and damage some of its internal parts.

In this case, we will use the chkdsk command to detect errors and start fixing them:

• First, press the start button + the hamza letter, and in English press the Windows + X button.

• After that, a list will open for you with a set of options, click on the option [Windows PowerShell -Admin].

• On this page that will open for us we can use the command (chkdsk) and it is followed by the letter of the disk that we want to check

Example: If we want to check disk C, then we must write the command as follows chkdsk c, taking into account the space between the command and the letter of the disk to be checked.

And then we say by pressing the Enter button and waiting for the scan to finish and to get the scan reports, and if there are problems with this disk, we can fix it through the following command:

• To fix the problems that were discovered, we have to write the command [/f] between the chkdsk command and the letter for the section so that the matter is as follows [chkdsk /f c], taking into account the spaces and taking the command without the parentheses.

• Then press the Enter button and wait for the problem to be fixed


Correction and arrangement of data stored in the hard drive
Data errors are common, and the way to solve this problem is that the media that is stored on the hard drive is scattered and inconsistent, and this is due to the fact that the user creates, for example, a Word file, then puts an Excel file, then an audio file, then a video file, and so the user puts the files on the hard

But where is the problem?

The problem is that the user deletes some files and then puts others and they are in different areas, so the computer puts new files randomly and not grouped, and this makes the computer work slower and to solve this problem

You have to follow the following:-

• First, press the start button + the hamza letter, and in English press the Windows + X button.

• After that, a list will open for you with a set of options, click on the option [Windows PowerShell -Admin].

• Here, type the command Defrag /c and then press Enter and it will automatically begin to correct errors and the computer will rearrange the files.

• If you want to fix these problems from the rest of the partitions, all you have to do is follow the previous steps with changing the letter of the section. For example, we have worked on

Section C and we wrote the matter as follows Defrag /c and we wanted to work on section D. All we have to do is change the letter C, which comes after the / sign, so that the code is as follows Defrag /D, and this example applies to all sections.

There are other things that affect the performance of the computer


Computer components and their impact on its performance
• The processor: It is the mind of the computer and it is responsible for taking and giving the mother and orders to the rest of the computer parts and has a great role.

• RAM is called random access memory and has a role in the work of applications and programs and the speed of computer performance.

• Hard disk, which is responsible for storing data in the computer, and its weakness leads to slow computer work.



Programs and applications and their impact on computer performance
• The presence of a large number of programs that run as soon as the operating system starts to work, which leads to slow work at the beginning of the computer’s operation.

• The lack of enough space in the hard disk to enable Windows and programs to work more easily.

These were the most prominent computer problems that lead to slow work

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