facebook instant articles and how to install it in detail

facebook instant articles and how to install it in detail

What are facebook instant articles
facebook instant articles is a new feature provided by Facebook that speeds up the performance of the articles of your site on the Facebook application, and Facebook introduced this feature to solve the problems of slow browsing of articles in the browser and enables the reader to browse the article in the Facebook application and not leave it, and this is by using HTML5 which in turn will make your articles faster than before and give an aesthetic look to your articles.

And if you use the facebook instant articles service, you will notice a big difference in the appearance of your articles, interaction with and admiration for them, as the articles that use the facebook instant articles service will have a special icon at the top of the article to distinguish it among the rest of the publications, and the link to the instant articles is more viewed. About 30% of regular links.



Information about facebook instant articles

Here is the most important information about the facebook instant articles service.

• You can subscribe to a free domain and you can change your site link after subscribing.

• You can put similar articles at the end of the article.

• You can control the publication of articles because articles are not published automatically.

• You can place the subscription form in the mailing list in the service.
• Instant Articles are marked with a lightning bolt next to them.
• The presence of many types of ads, the most prominent of which are banner and video ads.

• You can promote instant articles.

• You cannot promote your Instant Articles from service earnings.

The most important features of the instant articles service facebook instant articles
Facebook Instant Articles has many advantages, and here are the most important and most prominent of these features:-

• Instant Articles service works only on Android and IOS phones.

• You can track service statistics by linking the service to Google Analytics.

• The service enables you to browse articles in the Facebook application without leaving it.

• Modification of the property to suit the appearance of your site.

• Browsing speed up to 10 times, and this benefits those with slow speeds.

• Improving interaction on publications.

• You can sell private advertising space and profit from it 100%.



Tools required to subscribe to facebook instant articles

• Facebook application for managing pages.

• Using a Facebook page that you have admin privileges.

• Use the instant articles extension if the site is on WordPress.

• The site that you will use must contain at least 10 articles.



How to install facebook instant articles on your site

After we, in the previous lines, got acquainted with the instant articles service from Facebook, it is now time for us to start installing the service and linking our website to the Facebook page that we will use:



Install instant articles service on blogger

Here are the steps to install the Instant Articles service on Blogger, as follows:

• First Step: Log in to the service registration page from here and choose the page on which you will install the service.

• Second Step: After subscribing to the service, go to the publishing tools on your page and you will find that the service has been successfully added to the page.

From here we will start the first steps in installing the service to the page.

• The third step: link your site by placing the site link

Here, you must verify your site by placing the code provided to you by Facebook to ensure that you own the site.

• Fourth Step: After verifying your ownership of the site, you will find at the bottom of the page an option that prompts you for the RSS feed of your blog, and the blogger provides the site’s summary, which is as follows


You can delete the word Example.com from the link above and type in your blog’s domain so that Facebook will be able to fetch posts from your blog automatically.

• Fifth Step: Patterns

Here you will be able to change the appearance of your articles, add a logo, background, and other features.

• Sixth step: Submit 10 articles for review. You must make sure that there are 10 articles on your site that have been published to be able to complete this step.

• Seventh Step: After you complete the previous steps, go to the configuration tab and send the review request. Wait two to three days to review your request. The review time can reach up to a week.

Thus, the steps have been completed and you can continue reading the article to benefit from other information.

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