How to change your account name and username in Twitter

How to change your account name and username in Twitter

Find out the answer to the question of how to change your twitter account name and Twitter username easily in this article from the Social Media section, without hassle and in a few steps.

Twitter Twitter is the most popular social media site for publishing short tweets over the Internet, which does not exceed 140 characters.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms on the Internet, and it occupies an advanced position in the ranking and is considered one of the top 5 social media sites.

My details on twitter.


The user creates his account on Twitter with ease by e-mail or phone number.

And then he writes his personal information as his personal name, which is visible to followers, a description about him, his date of birth and gender.

Then he completed this data and found an error in it, or he wanted to change the data completely.

Is there a way to change any of our data? Yes, you can certainly change any of your details in Twitter.


How to edit your twitter profile.

As we mentioned above, you can edit your Twitter profile with ease.

You can edit the profile at any time and an unlimited number of times.

Just log into your Twitter account.

Then log in to the profile.

From the profile, click on the “Edit Profile” option.

Here you will find a set of information that you can modify.

Such as logo image, profile picture, name, bio, geographic location, website and date of birth.

You can modify any of this data easily and an infinite number of times.

After making any of the modifications, click on the Save button to save these modifications.


How to change your twitter account name.
Changing the account name on Twitter is not difficult, just follow the previous steps in the section on how to modify the profile on Twitter.

In the address box, type the new name for your account and then click Save to save the changes you made. And congrats on the new name.


Twitter name decoration.

The name can be decorated in Twitter by adding emoji and punctuation and changing the type of font used in writing the address.

And you can change the font type through the Avis program. Or from sites that provide a service to change the shape of the fonts.


Twitter username change.

What is the difference between the name and username of a Twitter account?

The name, display name, or personal name is the name that is visible to users.

This name can be in any language, and there can be several accounts with the same name.

As for the username, it is the unique and exclusive name of your account, which is after the @ sign, by which you can be referred to, and this name is not repeated.

Username and personal name can be changed as you wish and without restrictions.


Steps to change your username on Twitter.

After we learned how to change the personal name in Twitter and the difference between the personal name and the username in Twitter, it is now time to learn about the steps to change the username.

Many may think that the username of your Twitter account cannot be changed, but this is wrong, as Twitter allows the user to change this name as he wants, at any time and for any number of times.

And now, we will start explaining how to change the username on Twitter.

Log in to your Twitter account.

In the top bar, click on the profile picture or the option More menu items.

After pressing the More button, a menu will open for you, click on the Settings option.

From the settings page, select your account section, and most likely it is specified.

Under the Account section, click on the Account Information option.

After clicking on this option, you will be asked to confirm your password. Just type in the password and then click on the Confirm button.

Here, a page will open for you with some information, just click on the username.

Here an edit box will open with the current username, delete it and type the new username.

And if you type the username and find this phrase (the username is taken, please choose another name).

Just edit the name until this message disappears and the Save button is activated.

If you find the username available, press the save button and congratulations on the new username.


To be clear, changing your username or account name does not change your posts or followers.

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