How to prevent the phrase “writes ……” from appearing in WhatsApp + other secrets

How to prevent the phrase “writes ……” from appearing in WhatsApp + other secrets.


The WhatsApp application is considered the largest application for messages on the Internet, and the most downloaded and used applications in social communication. Most smartphone users find on their home screens the WhatsApp application installed, and this is evidence of the distinguished services that satisfy all users, which makes it always in the forefront, as it is now used more From a billion people in the world, and this is what made me write this article, which mainly revolves around mentioning a group of WhatsApp secrets, including how to prevent the appearance of the phrase “writes …. On WhatsApp.

How to prevent the phrase “writes…” from appearing when speaking on WhatsApp

As you know and everyone knows when you talk to someone on WhatsApp in writing, WhatsApp shows the other party that you are writing and shows him the word “Writes……” or “Typing” This may be an annoying thing for many people if you back away from sending what you wrote but the other party Know that you were typing something, and there is no option in the settings to prevent this indicator from appearing during the chat, so we will learn a simple trick that allows you to hide the words “Writes……” or “Typing” so that it does not appear when talking to others, the method that I will provide for you remains valid With any phone, without installing any app.

How to hide the phrase “writes ……” in WhatsApp while typing

The method is easy and does not include any complications and does not require you to install any application, first you have to activate WhatsApp notifications from WhatsApp settings, go to “Notifications” and then check that the “Use high priority notifications” option is activated.

How to prevent the phrase “writes ...” from appearing

How to prevent “writes…” from appearing on Android
On the iPhone, you must go to the “Settings” application on the phone, then go to “Notifications” and click on the “WhatsApp” application and make sure that the “Show preview” option is enabled, which allows WhatsApp notifications to display a preview of each incoming message.

How to prevent the phrase “writes ...” from appearing

How to stop the phrase “writes …” appearing on the iPhone
Now when you receive a message via WhatsApp, drag the status bar until the “Notification Center” appears and a preview of the message is displayed as shown in the image. Do not open the conversation in the application to reply. In the case of Android, press the arrow button to display the “Reply” field.

How to prevent the phrase “writes ...” from appearing

On the iPhone, tap and hold the WhatsApp message notification and you will be able to reply without the “Writes…” indicator appearing. to the other side

Here ends today’s lesson devoted to learning how to prevent the phrase “writes ……” from appearing when speaking on WhatsApp.

You can find other secrets of WhatsApp

Other exciting secrets on WhatsApp
Change the writing font on WhatsApp
A lot of people are looking to modify and change the forms of writing in WhatsApp, for example, if you want to write in a bold or thick font, it is enough for you to write *word*

And if you want to write in italics, put _word_, but to be thick and italic at the same time, write _*word*_

To get a line multiplied by it, write ~word~

And if you want to get a thick, italic and multiplied line on it, you put *_~ the word ~_*

And if you prefer to write in another beautiful handwriting, it is enough for you to put what you write between these two symbols “`the word”` (this symbol may not appear to you correctly. Watch the video better)

Read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Among the secrets of WhatsApp, we also find the ability to view messages that have been deleted, as this requires downloading a light application called

Notification History Log Install it with activating its validity, immediately after you see the message has been deleted, it is enough for you to access this application to see all the deleted messages, because this application keeps all the messages,

See your friend’s status without them knowing it

Among the secrets of WhatsApp, we also find a way that enables you to view the status of your friend without leaving any trace, that is, without knowing that you have seen his status. First, you click on three points at the top and then go to settings, then account, then privacy and scroll to the bottom And remove the mark on Read receipts

You can use this option only when necessary, so you return the previous option, because when you activate this option, you were not even able to know who viewed your cases,

Find out who blocked you on WhatsApp

Read messages without the owner’s knowledge on WhatsApp
In addition, when you remove the mark on Read Receipts, the messages you send to your friends did not appear to you that you viewed them, and the same thing even when you received and looked at your friends’ messages, it did not appear to them that you read their sent messages.

How to convert voice to writing in WhatsApp

One of the best things that you find in the secrets of WhatsApp is this feature that many people do not know, which is converting the voice to writing, so you only need to click on the microphone located at the bottom of the keyboard, then press the settings icon and choose the language you speak, then you press the microphone and you find it converts the voice to writing Easily and without making mistakes.

Find out who read your message in a WhatsApp group

We included it among the secrets of WhatsApp because a lot of people search for it, which is how do I know the number of people who have seen my message in a group, it is easier and simpler than you think, it is enough for you to press on the message for a long time and then click on the three dots on the side at the top and then choose info and you will find Here are all the people who saw your message

Send pictures with what is written on them

Here we will learn another secret of the secrets of WhatsApp, we will learn how to send pictures with the attached writing to them, so you only need to click long on the image and then press the share icon at the top and choose with whom you will share the image, and you will find that the image was sent with what is written on it.

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