How to verify a Tik Tok account and request a blue tick

How to verify a Tik Tok account and request a blue tick

Only with these steps will you be able to verify your account on Tik Tok and get a verification badge.

Are you a content creator? , Are you a public figure? , Are you an influencer on social media?
If you are one of these characters or you are not from these categories, but you have an account on Tik Tok and would like to get the blue verification badge from the Tik Tok platform.
Today and in this article, we offer you the steps that enable you to verify your account. Just continue reading the article carefully.


What is Tik Tok?

Here is a brief overview of the Tik Tok application, the Tik Tok application, which is one of the most popular applications at the present time, as it has become one of YouTube’s strongest competitors.

The TikTok application is a social networking application that is dedicated to publishing videos among the pioneers, and Tik Tok competes with YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

The Tik Tok platform is famous for being an application through which any user can enter the platform, take photos and videos and share them in a creative manner.


About verified accounts from Tik Tok.

Verified accounts from the Tik Tok platform that have obtained the blue verification badge, which is considered to have a high prevalence and high reliability.

This badge is the common denominator of all content creators, premium influencers, and official accounts.
Unlike other social media platforms, Tik Tok gives some advantages to verified accounts.

For this reason, obtaining the verification badge is more difficult on Tik Tok than other platforms, and Tik Tok uses a somewhat different method to verify accounts.

And when it comes to celebrities and influencers, Tik Tok account verification protects them from fake accounts and fake news.

And what happened with actor Tom Cruise recently and the technique of deep fake is enough proof of the importance of verifying the Tik Tok account.


What are the advantages of a verified account from Tik Tok?

Obtaining a blue verification badge for your Tik Tok account is proof that your account is authenticated and that it is your real and official account.

Therefore, when you get the verification badge for your account, you will enjoy the following advantages:-

• Authenticity: The verified account is considered an original account, and this is useful for companies and marketers in spreading their products.

This benefits them because Tik Tok has become one of the widely spread applications, and in this matter, marketers and companies achieve great sales from the platform.

• Credibility: the authenticated account is more credible than others, as it is the official source of the real information.

Thus the verified account gets a lot of views.

• A lot of views, the verified account is more than other accounts to get views.

As the artificial intelligence in Tik Tok works on the visibility of your content more than others.

• Increase profits: A verified account is of great value in promoting products, obtaining large sales and increasing your profits.

How do you get the blue tick?

Tik Tok follows a path unlike other social media platforms in the way of authenticating accounts and unlike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the rest of the platforms.

But in TikTok, you have to wait for the TikTok staff to contact you, as there is no way to apply for a verification badge.

But the platform allocates a team to follow up the accounts, and the work of this team is to verify the accounts.

Therefore, you must continue to work on your account and improve your content and make it better so that your account will be attractive to this team.


Tips to help you get the blue tick.

• Continuing to publish content periodically: This proves to the Tik Tok team that you are serious about your work, and the greater your interaction, the greater the chance of documentation quickly.

• Work on popular content: This means that you are working on content that is popular and widely spread to increase your chances of appearing.

Interact with the public: the audience loves the content creator, who pays them attention, responds to them and participates in events, celebrations and other events.

• Get more followers: The Tik Tok team will not notice your account unless you have got a good number of followers.

• Focus on your achievements outside of Tik Tok: The Tik Tok platform favors public figures.

Therefore, you must include any meeting you have outside Tik Tok in your account to prove to them that you are famous.

• Include your verified accounts: Therefore, you should put links to your accounts on other social media platforms.

To prove to them that you deserve to get the blue verification badge from the Tik Tok platform.

And because the Tik Tok platform does not provide a direct way to authenticate your account, you only have to succeed on the platform and get a lot of followers.

The more successful you are across the platform, the more chance you have of getting authenticated, because the TikTok account team notices your account faster.

Do not try to buy views and followers or try to get the blue tick from outside Tik Tok because this will expose your account to the final closure by Tik Tok.

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