How to verify a YouTube account and get the blue tick

How to verify a YouTube account and get the blue tick


It is possible to verify your account on YouTube and the documentation is for the artist only, meaning that if you have more than one channel on one Gmail account, you must document each channel separately, as the authentication of YouTube channels has some conditions and requirements that you must fulfill in your channel before ordering Documentation for this channel.


Documenting your YouTube channel is very important for celebrities, influencers and content makers, and the importance of documenting your YouTube channel and obtaining a blue verification badge is to protect your content and prevent it from being republished again.


The verified account on YouTube is a source of documented information, and giving your channel a blue verification badge is evidence of viewers’ interest in the content you provide and an evidence of its quality.

On YouTube only, and unlike other social media platforms, you can lose the verification badge that your channel got

Where does the check mark appear on my YouTube channel and how?


When you get a blue verification badge for your channel, a verification badge appears on the channel next to the channel name.

But is there a difference in the form of the verification badge?

Yes, of course there is a difference between the forms provided by YouTube for the verification badge, but what are the forms provided by YouTube? Here is the answer: If you are a musician or artist, the badge next to your channel name will be a musical sign, and this gives an impression of the content you provide in your channel, and if your channel provides news content, then the verification badge will be like other platforms, which is of course the famous circular sign for verified accounts

What is the benefit of the check mark of my channel?


The verification badge is evidence that this content provided by this channel is the original content of the content creator or the company, and the verification badge proves to the public that this is the official channel of the content creator or the company and that he is responsible for it, the content that is published through this channel.


Authenticated channels give the content creator the benefit of protecting the content a little more than the rest of the channels and improved protection for your account.

Just as YouTube announced earlier that it is studying the idea of ​​changing the verification badge, but so far it has not taken this step.


How can you verify your account on YouTube?

Verifying your account on YouTube is not difficult, and YouTube does not require great conditions for verifying accounts, but at the end of 2019 it added some conditions in order to obtain the verification mark for your account. The conditions are as follows:

• The number of subscribers to your channel exceeds 100,000 subscribers.

• To represent the channel that seeks to document it, the company or the content maker submitted in his name, the request for authentication.

• That the channel appear publicly and publicly and work actively and provide all information about it.

These are the most important conditions that YouTube requires to authenticate your channel, and there is no official way to verify the ownership of the channel by the person or company in whose name the authentication request is submitted, but most likely there is a team specialized in reviewing channels, so you will not get the authentication of your channel if it has problems violating forum standards YouTube or have a dispute over ownership.

In order to verify your YouTube account, you must follow these steps:

Go to the YouTube support page, then search for the Account Verification Request section

After that, if your channel has completed the conditions, you will find the option Apply Now, and if you have not completed the conditions, you will not find this option.

Then YouTube will ask you to complete and complete the data form for your channel

You can access the Channel ID icon through the channel settings in YouTube, by heading to Advanced Setting in the Settings section.

After you submit the request, you will receive an email confirming the request, and your channel will be reviewed within weeks because YouTube reviews the channels manually, and if your account is verified, you will get an email stating that YouTube has accepted your request and authenticated your account.


When is the YouTube channel verification mark lost?

You can lose the verification mark if you change your channel name, but you have the right to apply again to verify the channel.

YouTube also removes the check mark for channels that violate the Community Standards and YouTube Terms and Conditions

Therefore, you should be careful and not violate the community standards or the terms and conditions of YouTube.

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