How to verify Facebook account 2021 for personal accounts and pages

How to verify Facebook account 2021 for personal accounts and pages

Here is the method of authenticating personal accounts and pages on the Facebook platform, and our discussion in this article will be about requesting the blue verification badge for personal accounts and public pages on Facebook, whether these pages represent real or legal persons such as companies, institutions, banks and other legal entities.


Why to authenticate a Facebook account?

The authentication of accounts on Facebook is an important matter for companies, public figures and influencers such as artists, football players and influential public figures, so what is the benefit of requesting the authentication of a Facebook account.

Documenting the personal account or the page of the organization or individuals is one of the things that gives the account credibility to the public, as social media platforms have become full of fake and fake accounts that can harm the public figure or the company, so social media platforms came up with the idea of ​​documenting accounts in order to protect The public and influential figure or the company from being subjected to fraud and defrauding the public in its name, and this is done by requesting to obtain the blue tick to verify the Facebook account, and after obtaining the blue verification badge, a check mark appears next to the name of the page or account that has been verified, and this is evidence of Facebook that this account is for this person or company.



Who can request to verify a Facebook account?

Verifying a Facebook account in theory is not difficult to obtain, and therefore anyone can apply to verify their Facebook account.

But in practice, the request to verify a Facebook account is very difficult and requires a lot of followers and interaction on the account or page, unless your account or page falls within these categories of accounts that we have verified that they can be accepted faster than other support team Facebook and these are the categories:-

*** Brands, well-known companies, government officials, media, celebrities, sports or entertainment companies ***

If your account or page is within these categories, accepting it is easier than others, and if my account is not included in these categories, the chance of acceptance and authentication of the account will be few, but it is not impossible, so you have to work on your account and make it more interactive.



What are the requirements for verifying a Facebook account and obtaining a blue verification mark?
As we know that everything has requirements and conditions that must be met, as well as obtaining the blue verification badge from Facebook has its own requirements and conditions, but they are not difficult conditions.

The conditions are as follows:-

First, make sure you have this information in the About section of your account or page.

• The existence of a description of you or your page to identify you or the activity of your page.

• Tags and keywords specific to the same field of the page or account.

• The presence of an official website www, and this is for pages only.

• The presence of e-mail.

• The existence of the company’s geographical location or a documented Facebook page.

• The presence of other information in the Page Information tab.


What are the steps to verify an account or Facebook page?

• First, log in to the Facebook account that you want to verify or authenticate the page associated with.

• Second, go to the Facebook verification badge page located at the bottom of the article.

• A Facebook account authentication request page will open for you.

• From this page, you can specify what you want to document, whether the page or the personal account.

Then select the page or account category:

Choose the content category for your page Sports , Music , Fashion , Influencer etc…

• Then select your country or the activity of your account or your page.

Then upload a photo of your ID card:

If the account is personal: you must upload the identity card and be of good quality and clearly write the name and date of birth, and you can use the passport or driver’s license.

If the account is for a commercial activity: In this case, a document must be available with the seal of the specific activity and the institution’s logo.

• Write a short and concise message about why you got the verification badge for your Facebook account.

• You can put links to your accounts on other social media platforms and the link to your site or business activity, and this enhances the acceptance of the verification request.

• After that, click on the Submit button to send your request to Facebook.

If you are rejected, do not despair. You can resend the application again after 30 days of submitting the application.

How long does it take for Facebook to confirm the verification request?

It takes Facebook some time to verify the accounts, which is between 3 days to 45 days, and despite that, there are some accounts that the verification requester has been accepted within hours, and in this case you should check with Sun

Duke incoming messages from support, and in most cases, Facebook will notify you by sending you a notification that there is a message in the incoming message box from Facebook support, and this does not prevent you from reviewing messages periodically to verify and to access the incoming messages box from support, click here.



What are the reasons for refusing to authenticate a Facebook page or verify a personal account?
• Information about the account or the page is incomplete and incomplete.

• The account does not contain many posts and interactions on it.

• The information you provide is not original and not owned by you.

• The reason you wrote while requesting the verification badge is not convincing or inappropriate.

To access the Facebook verification badge request page, click here.

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