Install Duplex IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Install Duplex IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

If you are also an owner of the Duplex IPTV App, you will most likely encounter a warning when opening the application indicating that from 6 September 2020 the App will be paid for.

For those who do not know or know what Duplex IPTV is, it is an application that allows you to view lists of channels of various kinds such as Digital Terrestrial channels,  and many others.

This application that can be installed on Samsung, LG, Android Smart TVs, on Apple or Android devices and on Amazon Firestick, has gained a lot due to the fact that it has the possibility to search for channels in the App for Smart TV and for channel management. recent (to be clear the latest channels viewed).
These two major implementations have meant that the App was downloaded by millions of users around the world, since until recently it was also free.

Now, from 06 September 2020 onwards, however, just as described in the message that appears when the Smart TV application is opened, unfortunately the App will be charged at a cost of $ 0.99 for its use for 6 months or 1 , $ 99 for a full year’s use.

Let’s say that the cost is quite reasonable and compared to many other paid apps this is really worth them all and there is a need for the developers to be paid for the effort made.

For this reason, from 06 September 2020, you will have an additional 7 days to test the application and then it will be paid for if you want to continue using it.
In my next guide, I will show you how to purchase the application once the trial period has expired.

Supported TV and availability
According to the official website of Duplex IPTV, the app is available on:

Samsung TVs with Tizen Operating System, produced from 2017 onwards
duplex iptv LG TV with WebOS Operating System

To install it, simply access the app store of your TV and search for Duplex IPTV with this icon:

In some cases it may not be found, so it is necessary to change the geolocation of the TV from ITALY to USA or UK.

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First start up and configuration duplex iptv samsung

At the first start, the initial screen will be shown, where we can open an example IPTV playlist (Sample) or add our Playlist (Add Playlists).

Before entering the playlist, press the YELLOW button on the remote control to open the settings menu:

Here, in order, you can change the app language and set ITALIAN, show the last open channels on the home screen, show the Sample button for the example IPTV playlst, change the background and set the parental control.

The Italian translation of the app is not optimal: for example, in some screens the “back” key is translated as “close”, “open” is translated as “open”, but these are trifles.

I recommend hiding the Sample playlist and keeping recently opened channels. The background is to your taste.

The guide will be based on the Italian translation.

Loading the IPTV playlist

First of all we have to take the TV data, in fact, as for Smart IPTV, Net IPTV, etc., the upload of the playlist takes place on the official website via Mac Address.

Click on Add Playlist and the TV data will be shown: take note of the mac address (Device ID) and the Device Key:

Let’s go to , insert the Device ID in the first field, in the second the Device Key, check the ReCaptcha and press Manage Playlist

If there are already playlists they will be indicated below, otherwise we press the Add Playlist button, and in the screen that will appear, insert a name to be associated with the playlist in the first field, I recommend writing IPTV, and below we insert the string of the IPTV playlist.

We check the ReCaptcha and press SAVE. We will have a situation like this:

At this point the IPTV playlist is loaded and we can press the BLUE button on the remote control to download the data to the TV.

The menu and channels

The button with written IPTV (or the name we have given to the playlist) will appear and if we click on it we will enter the screen where you can choose between Live Channels, Movies and Series.

This division depends on the playlist, if it is organized in groups and on the type of data stream: if the channel will be a Live stream it will be part of the first group, if the channel will point to a video file (so if it is possible to go back and forth) it will be placed in the OnDemand groups (Film or Series).

This screen will also show the status of the Playlist and any expiration date:

Moving with the arrows we can confirm with the central button and entering one of the sections we will have the groups that compose it, listed in the grid:

Each group will have its own channels inside, in the vertical list on the left, and clicking on one of them will show the preview of the channel in the right pane, and immediately below the EPG, that is the programming:

By clicking the

OK button the channel will be opened in full screen.

The player and its functions

While a channel is being viewed, some operations can be carried out: pressing OK will open the bar showing the name of the channel and its logo, the resolution, the EPG and 3 buttons to change the aspect ratio, list the channels of the group or return to the previous menu.

If they are available on the channel, the [A] and [CC] keys will be shown in the lower right part of the bar, respectively to change the audio and to load subtitles.

The EPG, as discussed several times, shows information about the channel being viewed.

If we were watching a Live channel, consulting the EPG, the programming will be shown in a few hours, while the OnDemand channels will show the plot, poster and other information:

A peculiarity of Duplex IPTV is the possibility of inserting our favorite channels in groups, up to 9, plus one that contains them all.

For example, we can create a folder where to insert the main RAI channels and one for Mediaset channels.

To add a channel to a favorite folder just go to the channel, hold down the OK button and press ADD / EDIT FAVORITE, indicating the desired folder. A red heart will appear next to the channel name, indicating that it is a favorite.

By pressing the GREEN button on the remote control, or by clicking Open Favorites from the main menu we will see the folders of the favorites. To rename them, just hold down the OK button and click RENAME

Search for channels and programs
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Duplex IPTV includes one of the most requested functions by the community, namely the search for the channel by name.

Once you have entered the group, just press the YELLOW button or go up on the lens-shaped button. Starting to write, the search will start immediately:


N.B .: the search is carried out exclusively in the indicated group. To do a search on the whole playlist it is necessary to enter the ALL group of the selected section.

What do you think of this app?

Install Duplex IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen OS Install Duplex IPTV LG Smart TVs with WebOS OS




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