IPTV extreme for windows/android

IPTV extreme for windows/android

If you are a fan of watching TV channels or you want to watch a specific TV work, but the program showtimes do not coincide with your work schedule, no problem, now you can watch TV channels and programs anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone through the IPTV Extreme application

What is iptv extreme app?

It is an IPTV application that provides you with the ability to watch series, movies and TV shows without having to subscribe or pay anything. All you need is to enter the playlists that include the channels you want to watch, the application does not include any listed playlists.

IPTV Extreme apk features

  • Enter playlists into the app and enjoy watching hundreds of TV channels from all over the world (USA, Russia, Colombia, France, Italy, etc.).
  • The application provides a recording feature so that you can record anything you watch, you can record your favorite programs or anything you want.
  • IPTV Extreme includes a parental control feature that allows you to set a PIN to lock channels and prevent snooping.
  • The application includes an integrated media player with advanced specifications and light weight.
  • Support remote control feature.
  • Alias ​​management and automatic application update.
  • The application supports backup and restore settings and supports M3U playlists.
  • The app has a set of 10 themes to switch between.

You can watch TV channels via IPTV Extreme pro apk, you will have to search for a good and updated IPTV provider, you can search on websites or forums that have playlists with channel updates. After adding the playlists of your choice you will synthesize them in a simple and quick process, then the easy-to-use media player will display the channels or load your desired media player.

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Run the extreme IPTV pro apk

The application can be downloaded for free and in the latest version through the link, then transferred and installed on the phone. You can download the application directly to your phone through the official Google Play Store.

  • Pictures from the app
  • The app is on the Play Store.
  • Run the application.
  • Add playlists.
  • Add listings.
  • Add the file or link that contains the playlists.
  • Add link.
  • List added successfully
  • Activate playlists.
  • Playlist channels.


  • Watch TV channels.
  • Recording of channels and TV programmes.
  • Application specific media player.


  • The app does not have any playlists, you will have to add them.
  • Simple and easy to use application that provides the ability to play TV channels to follow your favorite shows through its own media player.
  • The app does not provide built-in playlists so you will have to download them first.

IPTV Extreme is an application for watching series, developed by Paolo Turatti, version 113.0, available for download for Android phones.

iptv extreme apk download : APK

IPTV extreme windows

IPTV Extreme has been in business for more than 10 years, offering IPTV services to customers all over the world. They offer packages with up to 300+ channels of content including sports, news, movies, music, documentaries, kids programming and much more.

IPTV Extreme is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable service that offers a lot of value. Their packages start at $29.99 per month which includes unlimited access to their channel lineup. The package also comes with HD quality video streaming on any device connected to your home network. also offers a free trial so you can see how they work before committing to a long term contract.

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Iptv Extreme is a new service from iptvextreme.com that allows you to watch live sports events and other programs without having to pay extra fees. The service offers over 100 channels from around the globe.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is a type of television delivery system where video signals are delivered via data networks instead of through broadcast media such as cable or satellite. IPTV has become very popular because it provides high quality video at low cost.

With iptv extreme, you get access to hundreds of live TV channels for free. All you need is an internet connection and a device capable of streaming video.


Install IPTV Extreme

Being present in the Play Store, installation on Android devices is quite simple. During the installation, some permissions will be requested to which you must consent in order to get the full functioning of the app.

If you want to install IPTV Extreme on an Android-derived device (such as the Amazon Fire Stick) not directly connected to the official Google operating system store, you need to download the APK.

The IPTV Extreme APK can be found at http://bit.do/1ptv3xtreme

Configure IPTV Extreme
There are two methods to configure IPTV Extreme: one method involves entering the string, or the related IPTV codes in the app itself, in the other, you have to enter the string on a web page. I’ll explain them to you one at a time.

Enter the IPTV string in the app
This operation can be done in two different ways, the first is the simplest and can be adopted if the connection string is of the Xtream type. Fortunately, almost all connection strings are of this type so most of the time this is the right method.

You can easily recognize an Xtream string because it has a unique format, an Xtream string usually looks like this:

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Well, let’s start with the configuration, as soon as you open the app go to the three dots you see at the top right.

IPTV Extreme - Menu → Playlists


Doing so opens a menu with many items, you choose Playlists. At this point the playlists screen opens (if you want more than one) which is empty for the moment. There is only a central key with the word ADD PLAYLIST. Pressing the key opens another four-item menu; you choose XTREAM CODES PORTAL

App configuration via Xtream codes

A screen opens in which you have to enter 4 data

  • Playlist name
  • Server: port
  • User
  • Password

Usually IPTV service providers provide this data but, in case they have only given you the Xtream string, you will have to extract the necessary data: it is very simple.

I highlight the areas to be extracted


In order it is

  • of the server and its port; the door is the numerical part after the colon, it is not always there
  • of the user
  • of the password

The name of the Playlist does not matter and you can choose it yourself

Xtream configuration parameters

Once you have filled in the four fields, you can give the OK, leaving the rest of the fields unchanged and that’s it.

Second method of compiling the string
Another method is to enter the entire connection string, to do this you must use the FILE OR LINK PLAYLIST item. This action will open a screen with 2 fields to fill in.

IPTV Extreme - Menu → Playlists

The first field is the playlist name, the second is the connection string. It is a bit more complex than the previous method because it requires a greater amount of characters, some even difficult to find on keypads, than the previous one. Let’s begin.

Give the playlist a fancy name and then in the second line write exactly the IPTV string you got from the service provider. You don’t have to miss a single font because otherwise it won’t work.

The string usually has this format: http://subdomainname.domainname.net:0000/parametrivari

Among the parameters there could be the type field; note that if the type field is not m3u_plus, but only m3u, the list will not be organized into groups. Only in this case I recommend that you try to make a small change to the string as you received it.

Enter connection string

Once you have entered the IPTV string, click OK and the list will be stored. Now on the playlists page, which was previously empty, there is a rectangle with the name of the list you have chosen.

Make a long touch on the rectangle to bring out its contextual menu in which you then have to touch the Activate item.

Upload the lists via the IPTV Extreme web interface
IPTV Extreme is more complete than other apps as it gives you the option to choose between uploading online and entering the string directly into the app. Online upload allows you to upload channel lists to a server and then find them on the device.

It is a simple method that can be used if you have a PC connected to the internet (but also a smartphone only which is a bit inconvenient), you have to use the IPTV Extreme web interface that you find at iptvextreme. eu.

To do this online you need the MAC address of your device. You find it on the main screen of the app, as soon as you start it.

If the MAC address does not come out on the main screen, it means that there is already a playlist, in this case you can access the ABOUT screen from the MENU

In the ABOUT screen you can read the MAC address of your device

Once you have obtained the MAC address you can proceed with uploading the online string.

If you still don’t have your own list, you can find one by reading the M3U IPTV lists guide.

Uploading the online list is quite simple.

You must go to the site https://iptvextreme.eu here you will find the web interface for uploading the IPTV lists to the server. I recommend that you do this with a PC because this page is difficult to view properly with a smartphone.

All data to be entered is on a single line in the Add Playlists for IPTV Extreme section. You need:

  • MAC Address
  • Connection string

The connection string is usually issued by an IPTV service provider, you can find many online: read this article to learn more.

You choose the playlist name and password. I recommend that you make a note of the password as you will need it later.

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Fill in all the fields of the staff and then click on Save.

That’s it, restart your app and the list with the IPTV channels is ready to be used.

Delete an IPTV Extreme list

If an IPTV list is no longer good you have to delete it. Deleting all the lists uploaded to the IPTV Extreme server is very easy, proceed in this way.

  • Go to the Delete ALL Playlists on device section (it’s the second one)
  • Enter the MAC Address
  • Enter your password (did you make a note of it?)
  • Click on Delete All.

In the first section of the web interface, the one called Add Playlists for IPTV Extreme you must enter

  • the Mac Address of your device
  • the IPTV string
  • the name you want to give the list
  • a password to protect the list

do not put your mustache on the two check fields that are immediately below these fields and click on Save.


This mode is mainly used by those who want to keep control over the IPTV string while letting you see the contents. The two fields to flag

  • Hide Link
  • Lock Link

they are used to ensure that the IPTV Extreme user cannot see the string, while enjoying its contents.

The password is used to ensure that some jokers who know your MAC address cannot delete your list in the Delete ALL Playlists on device section.

See IPTV Extreme on Fire Stick TV

Once the list is loaded, if you don’t see it, exit the app and re-enter it immediately, in this way IPTV Extreme will download the list of channels related to your string. If you don’t see it, go back to the three-dot menu at the top right and click Update. Now you can see the TV content.

IPTV channel list

The screen looks like a list of TV channels, above which there are a number of options. I recommend that you use the group view to easily find the content you are looking for.

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