new features of the Windows 11 App Store

new features of the Windows 11 App Store

The new windows 11 application store has become more useful than before, as the store receives more improvements in the interface and speed and more new applications are entering the windows 11 application store and thus the windows 11 application store becomes better than before and we will learn in the coming lines on the new features in Windows 11 app store.

Learn about the new features of the Windows 11 App Store


Microsoft announced in May 2021 an upcoming event on 24.6.2021 and did not announce at this time what product it will launch in the upcoming event, and soon the days passed and some leaks came out that Microsoft had developed a new operating system and named it windows 11 to be the successor to windows 10 that was launched 6 years ago from now, and in this article we will look at the most prominent applications and programs that joined the windows 11 app store

Microsoft App Store in Windows 11

The app store in windows 11, the remover is receiving improvements every day, due to the great interest from Microsoft for the new windows 11 operating system.

With a lot of changes in the store interface, and the emergence of many improvements in speed and performance, but the best update is in the new Microsoft App Store, as the new update, for the Windows 11 App Store allows more applications to enter the store, and this is the best among All the improvements in the Microsoft App Store.


The most important applications in the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11


In the past few days, only some applications have moved to the Microsoft App Store for the new operating system windows 11, and among these applications are a group of famous applications, and this gives strength to the new application store for Windows 11, and among these applications.

• OBS Studio application: This application is one of the most famous and prominent applications of computer screen capture and live broadcasting.

• Zoom application: The Zoom application is well known, as it is the most popular meeting application at the present time among the group of applications for creating online meetings.

• WinZip application: And of course, the WinZip application for compressing files, which is one of the most famous programs used in this field.

• Adobe Acrobat Reader application: one of the most popular free BDF viewer programs that deals with files professionally.

• Canva application: The Canva application is well known as the famous photo editing application.

• And the Edge browser extensions: The Microsoft browser extensions will certainly be the first to arrive at the new Microsoft Store in windows 11.

The arrival of these applications to the new Microsoft Store is a strong start for the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft.

The changes to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 included a lot of changes to include all traditional desktop applications.


Previously, Microsoft restricted developers to UWA apps, and this was before allowing desktop apps to get updates, and this was for apps bundled in its Store.

With this, any application can be within the Microsoft Store applications, and this is in line with the Microsoft package manager that the company launched last year.

Microsoft Package Manager


The Windows 11 package manager has become better than the Windows Store, and this happened in less than 24 hours, as the Windows 11 package manager provided applications that were not provided by the official Microsoft Store, for example:

• Zoom application: As we mentioned above, the Zoom application is one of the famous meeting applications.

• WinRAR application: Of course, we all know the famous WinRAR application, which we use to compress files.



windows 11 app store


In the past year, Microsoft’s package manager has witnessed significant growth, and it has included many famous applications such as:-

• Discord application: It is a social networking application designed for gamers.

• Firefox Browser: It is one of the most popular browsers in its use.

• Google Chrome Browser: The world’s most popular browser and the official Google browser.



How to download windows 11

The way to download Windows 11 from the Microsoft website depends on some of the things that enable you to run the new version of Windows, and to be able to learn about all these things, you can enter this article from the Microsoft website to learn about the specifications required to run Windows 11 on your device.


These were the most prominent applications and programs that joined the Windows 11 application store at the present time, and of course there are many applications and programs that will be added to the Windows 11 application store in the coming days, and we will update this article when more popular applications and programs enter the new Microsoft Store.

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