Signal apps most secure messaging application

Signal apps most secure messaging application


The Signal application is one of the group of messaging applications, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and many, many other applications.

Today we will be talking about the Signal application, the importance of the Signal application, the benefits of the Signal application, and the features of the Signal application.

About the Signal app

The Signal application is from a group of messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and the application is one of the old applications that were not famous, but the application provides a high security experience as the application is considered the first in protecting privacy and maintaining the security of user data, which the application maintains as the application claims to be the most This feature is one of the most important marketing issues for the application.

Why Signal is so popular?

The Signal application is one of the world-famous applications in terms of high application security, but what is the reason for the application’s increase in popularity at the present time?

The reason for the increasing popularity of the Signal application is due to the tweet of billionaire Elon Musk on his official account on Twitter, in which billionaire Elon Musk invited his followers to go to use the Signal application, and this is due to the new WhatsApp policies that require users to agree to WhatsApp gets more personal data and a lot of other permissions, so billionaire Elon Musk has asked users of the popular WhatsApp messaging app to use the Signal app instead.

Security on Signal and the difference between it and other applications
Many believe that the Signal application is more secure than WhatsApp and Telegram, as Signal depends on a group of encryption techniques that are more complex than other applications, and in these techniques depends on the encryption technology between two parties. Decrypt only in the recipient’s phone, and this is used by Signal in text conversations, voice calls, video calls and other media transmissions, and this means that all your conversations are secured with encryption between two parties.

Signal features in terms of security and privacy
The Signal application offers a variety of features that make it the first application for users looking for security, privacy, and maintaining the confidentiality of their data. In these next lines, here are some of the best Signal security features.

Signal screen capture blocking feature

The Signal application offers the feature to block screen capture in conversations, and unlike all messaging applications, Signal is unique with this feature as other messaging applications allow users to capture the screen during conversations, and this feature is said by other applications that it allows the user to share a set of data and conversations or keep However, Signal does not allow this feature as it considers it a breach of the privacy of the conversation.

Signal allows users to capture the entire screen of the application, other than conversations, in order to preserve the privacy of the conversation.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

First, go to settings, then to privacy settings

Second, activate the option to lock the screen, so you have the feature and turn it on

Signal’s Secret Notes Feature

The Signal application offers the feature of recording secret notes, and this feature is present in WhatsApp and Telegram so that the user sends a message to himself in a group that he creates from only one individual, but Signal is distinguished by giving the user the feature of secret notes without sending them and they are saved in a special part of the notes in the application Apart from conversations, this feature gives Signal an advantage over other messaging apps.

To get this feature, head to the section for contacts, and you will find a section called Note To Self that you can access to write notes and save them in the application without sending them.

Signal photo editing feature

Signal is distinguished by the feature of modifying the images in the application. This feature allows the user to write on the images and delete any text in the image. The user can remove any person with the image before sending it, and he can save the image on his phone for use at a later time.
The feature to prevent the keyboard from tracking your activity in the app
Keyboard applications are powered by artificial intelligence, and this makes them aware of your activity and then suggest what you see as appropriate for you from the way you use them.

This feature works with all popular keyboard apps like Google keyboard, iPhone keyboard, SwiftKey keyboard and many more.

You can activate this feature by entering the privacy settings, and then find this feature under the Screen Security option.

Maine chats from spambots in Signal
Signal offers two-factor authentication feature, through which Signal prevents hackers from accessing your chat list, so you can create a password for it that you use to access your chats and messages.

To activate the feature, go to the privacy settings menu and then activate the recording lock feature.

The app then asks you to confirm the password.

After that, if you lock the screen or exit the application, it will ask you for your passcode…

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