Solve the problem Program has stopped working in Windows 8

Solve the problem Program has stopped working in Windows 8


Solve the problem of has stopped working for Windows 8 games. Windows 8 users face the problem of disabling games during operation, which is of course an annoying problem for everyone, so users are looking for the best solution to this problem and through this article you will find a quick and effective solution to eliminate this problem. Continue with us.

The problem is solved, the cause of the program has stopped working must be determined, and if Windows is in English, the problem has stopped working.


Solve the problem of has stopped working for Windows 8 games

In the event that you want to solve the problem, you must first identify the cause of the problem, as this disruption may occur while playing or at the beginning of opening the game, as well as it may occur at the end of the game. Now we will explain to you the causes of the problem of stopping the game from working, which are as follows.

How to fix has stopped working in PES 2017

Where the cause of the problem may be the Windows operating system in general, and the reason may be that one of the Windows files has a malfunction or is not in line with the capabilities of the game.

It will greatly save you time and effort, and you will know how compatible the game is with the capabilities of the device, whether it is a computer or a laptop.

First, there is a problem with the operating system
Or by downloading and repairing the registry files. This is done by downloading a program to correct registry problems on the computer, but it should be noted that the program for my download must be in the operating mode as administrator, and when the download is completed, the activation mode must be run as administrator.

There are also many programs that work to solve this problem, such as the .NET program or the Frame Work program, but these programs will require you to download auxiliary programs in order to be able to open the original program.

Performance Monitor has stopped working

On the other hand, some games may need their own operating files in order to be able to work. When you click on downloading the game, it is downloaded with the files for operation. Its file is called Common Redist, and with this, we have shown you the way to solve the has stopped working problem for Windows 8 games.

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