The best sites to rewrite articles and make them unique, not duplicated or copied 2021

The best sites to rewrite articles and make them unique, not duplicated or copied 2021

The best sites to reformulate Arabic, English and foreign texts, sentences and articles for free and make them exclusive and highly ranked in search engines with the click of a button and present them to you in the form of new content that is not duplicated or copied to help your site lead the search engines
Many bloggers and website owners want to bring exclusive topics on their sites, and as we know, most bloggers are looking for anything new in foreign content because it represents the largest percentage of new content on the Internet.

Some of the novice bloggers, we find most of them steal content from other Arabic blogs or there who do not find the English language. They rely on Google Translate to get the content of any foreign topic into Arabic, but even if you relied on this method for a long time, the search engines will discover that you are providing hostile content. Or stolen from other sites even if there is a difference between languages ​​”Google’s algorithms have become very smart to detect this”

Therefore, in this post, I will present to you some of the sites that can help you reformulate any content you find on another site, or even extracted from the translations you get from Google, which supports all languages, including Arabic

The sites that I offer you are 90 percent reliable, as their role is to formulate some synonyms and meanings in the original articles and replace them with other words so that they appear to differ between their original content and are difficult to detect by search engines and do not appear as copied from another party
Also, the sites that reformulate articles, you will find some grammatical errors on them, so correct them before publishing them on your site. Translate the paraphrased English content into Arabic and you will find that it is different from the original article

– small seo tools article writer
One of the famous tools for rewriting and formatting articles. The tool provides you with several ways to put the article inside it, either by copying and pasting or by obtaining the article from Word and text files in the form of doc, .docx, .txt, or downloading it from Dropbox or google cloud storage sites drive to enter the site from here: SMALLSEOTOOLS

Article Rewriter Tool site
A great site also for reformulating and correcting articles and paragraphs. The site is easy to use. You only have to put the text to be reformulated again, then you answer the calculation, and then the site will give you a text that is different from the words and with the same meaning, to enter the site: Article Rewriter Tool

– Seo Tool Station
This site provides you with many tools for SEO, including the Content Tools section, which has tools for reformulating and correcting articles, finding synonyms, and even converting text to speech and a lot of tools as well, to enter the site from here: Seo Tool Station


– Free Article Spinner
This site helps you to dominate your articles on search engines, as its task is to rewrite any article in other formats and it supports English, so if you have an Arabic article, translate it into English and then submit it to the site to reformulate the words and then re-translate it into Arabic to find an article with other words and formats more professional To enter the site from here: Free Article Spinner
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Spinbot’s website
One of the leading sites in reformulating articles and returning them exclusive articles to search engines, and climbing the topics of your site or blog at the top of the search results, as this site has a wonderful algorithm in replacing the meanings of words and sentences for the original article and making it exclusive to you only, to enter the site from here: Spinbot

– Almaqalah site
It is an Arabic site under the name of the exclusive article. It supports the Arabic language and provides a service of reformulating articles: writing exclusive Arabic articles with the click of a button and presenting them to you in a new and high-ranking form in search engines to help your site lead the search engines by helping you publish new, non-repeated content or Copied to enter the site: Almaqalah
These were the most important tools and sites through which you can reformulate articles and make them exclusive to your site only, which are popular with search engines in order to top the topics of the first results on them. If you like the article, share it with your friends.

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