The best ways to protect against hacking an Android phone

The best ways to protect against hacking an Android phone

When we talk about any operating system in the world, the first thing we think about is what are the protection methods in this system and what are the protection privileges from the other system, through this explanation for today on our blog we will explain the ways to protect and encrypt your entire Android system and protect against any intruder on Your device if you follow us in this explanation:

Set an appropriate system password.

When you buy a new Android phone or do a factory reset, the first step you must do is to set up a security system for the phone. It does not matter which protection system the important thing is to choose one of the methods suggested by the system to protect your privacy against any intrusion from the people around you

Not long ago, the choices were limited to three basic levels of protection, which is either the secret code that contains four numbers, the password of your choice or the pattern before the fingerprint sensor technology and the iris scanner appeared, and now the face explorer with 3D technologies is the latest to a certain extent. write these lines.

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In a group of phones, Google has added a feature known as Smart Lock that allows unlocking the phone through the phone’s geographical location by setting up pre-trust places in your phone immediately after you enter that area, your phone becomes unlocked without a security code, for example, you prepare your home in advance in a feature Smart lock that these coordinates are reliable because you do not put a secret code immediately after you leave your home, activate the secret code feature again. But we find some phones that do not have this feature, such as Huawei phones.

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Encryption of phone information and contents


In short, the definition of content encryption is to create a conversion to the way the content is displayed, as it changes its algorithms so that it is not displayed if the phone does not enter its own key to decrypt that encryption, and if the correct code for this information is not entered, it will be impossible to access it, if you are a holder of Marshmallow version 6.0 Or later, this feature has become working automatically. If you are a user of an Android version less than 6.0, you need to follow the following steps by entering the settings, choose from the protection and privacy menu. After entering, you will find the phone encryption feature. Activate the feature. The phone encryption process takes place within an hour. Almost from its activation, you do not have to turn off the phone during it.

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Review the permissions you have given applications to access your personal information

Every application is on your phone, but it has given approval first to access your information to function like an SMS application, as it holds a license to access SMS messages. Numbers, pictures and calls How to apply the usefulness of turning on the searchlight to ask you for permission to access the pictures If this application has something unusual, you must take all the powers from it or delete it directly. When you install any application that tells you that it will access all these privacy then you must cancel these permissions as soon as possible.

To access the settings, cancel the permissions, it is enough for you to go to the settings and through the menu at the bottom, enter the installed applications, and then you have to enter each application separately and enter the permissions given to it and remove all the powers that this application should not access and so on each application installed on your phone one after another.


Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you don’t want anyone, any app, or any website to track your movements on the web, just use a VPN. Instead of directly entering the sites you visit with this feature, you will link with a server and through that server it will redirect you to the sites you want to visit, which makes the hypothesis of tracking you almost impossible. This feature protects your privacy but does not make you completely invisible.

In parallel, the virtual network is used to mislead websites about the true location of the person visiting the website. For example, you want to browse a French website that non-French people cannot access. This application makes the website mislead that you are a person residing in France through its French servers. sites.

Removing the Unknown Source feature, Bluetooth and NFC…

First, we start with unreliable sources, a feature that allows you to install applications from unknown sources and outside the Play Store, so if you want to install any application from outside the store, make sure of its source, is it really trusted, and it is better to cancel this feature through the settings as shown in the image below Hackers take advantage of this feature a lot to combine lines to hack you by deluding you that it is the original application, so they use it to access your personal information and credit cards if they are connected to the phone.


If you do not use Bluetooth and NFC technologies, do not leave them turned on. These two features allow the transfer of information directly, and there are some applications on some vendors that allow opening or closing locally if you are in their orbit, also remove the GPS feature and turn it on only when needed to get It has the largest percentage of safety from stealing your privacy and also to reduce the consumption of your battery level and its duration for more hours.

Revamp the way you use your phone

In conclusion, always try to update your protection methods for your privacy with new methods of protection. If you have an application,

A game or anything else that you do not need. We advise you to delete it from your phone to reduce the risk that any application is contaminated with malicious lines. Always try to review and verify what you download, even if it is from the Google Play Store.

Do not forget to set a password for your phone according to the type of security you like from the lock screen options, encrypt your calls, in addition to using the VPN feature. If you do all or some of these stages, you have taken a big step in order to protect your personal privacy. Anyone who is not fully protected, but with these steps, you have protected yourself to a great extent and almost completely.

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