The difference between security in Signal and Telegram

The difference between security in Signal and Telegram and the advantages of each

Here are the most common questions about the security of the Signal application on the Internet, which you will find the answer to in the article.

Is Signal safe?

Is Signal app safe?

How secure is Signal?

What are the disadvantages of the Signal program?

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the security of the Telegram application on the Internet, and we will answer them in our article, so continue reading.

Is telegram safe?

How secure is Telegram?

What are the advantages of telegram?

What are the disadvantages of the Telegram program?


Looking at the questions above, the questions are very similar, so it is possible to find that the answers to some of the questions are similar, such as Is Signal safe? And is the Signal app safe? These two questions are very similar, but in a slightly different form, so let’s go to the article.



Why is Signal superior to Telegram in terms of security?

Is Signal safe? And is Telegram safe?

Signal and Telegram are competing for their own security in terms of securing conversations, and that is why each of them claims to be the best in terms of whining conversations. Is this true and which one is more secure?

Signal, Telegram and Conversations Security, each of these two platforms promotes itself with the highest security among social media applications. This feature emerged after the privacy problem of WhatsApp in the past months. These applications gained millions of subscribers in a short period and this is due to the privacy problem of WhatsApp, which led to To the displacement of many to other, safer resorts.

But does Telegram offer a better level of security? This is what we are talking about today to determine the best in terms of safety.


Comparison of features between Signal and Telegram:

How secure is Signal? And how secure is Telegram?

Before we go into the details of the two platforms, we will shed light on the technical features of the two platforms that they announced.

The feature of encrypting conversations in Signal and Telegram

Signal feature: The platform forces me to use the platform’s protocol

Feature in Telegram This is optional using the MTProto 2.0 protocol

The feature about the data the platform collects about you

The advantage in Signal: The platform only obtains your phone number.

The feature in Telegram is that the platform obtains your phone number, stored contacts, and your IP addresses

Methods of communication available through the platform.

Signal feature: individual and group messaging, voice and video calls.

The feature in Telegram is individual and group messages, channels, and audio and video calls

Self-hiding message feature

Signal feature: This feature can be used in all conversations.

Feature in Telegram: You can only use the feature in secret chats.

Customization capabilities in Signal and Telegram

Advantage in Signal: The capabilities in Signal are very limited and few.

Feature in Telegram: The possibilities for customization here are many, many and varied.

The cost of using both platforms, both platforms are free to use.

You can use both platforms on Android phones and iPhones and on computers with Windows and Mac systems, and Telegram is superior to Signal in the presence of a web version of the program, meaning that you are not obligated to install the program and the presence of a copy for the Linux operating system.



The difference between Telegram and Signal in the encryption of conversations technology.
Signal uses the Signal Protocol technology developed by it, and this technology provides the encryption feature between the two parties, meaning that your messages leave your phone encrypted and reach Signal in the case of encryption, and Signal cannot see it and then return to the recipient and decryption is done in the recipient’s phone and this is the most secure technology In the world so far, this technology is used by default in all different Signal chats, so this applies to individual chats or group chats.

As for Telegram, do not use this encryption feature except in secret conversations only, meaning that if you want to get the advantage, you must make your conversation secret, and as for the rest of the conversations, the Telegram platform is familiar with all these messages, and this shows us the difference in encryption between the two platforms.

As for group conversations, they are fully encrypted in Signal, and the group in Signal includes up to 1,000 subscribers. As for Telegram, the conversations are not protected by encryption, and the subscribers in Telegram groups are limited to 20,000 subscribers. Signal uses this method in full encryption between the two parties, even in voice and video calls, as usual, and in Telegram. Otherwise, there is no encryption between the two parties



Comparison between using Telegram and Signal

The comparison here is great because Signal focuses on security and privacy protection and does not focus

On any other advantages, and as for Telegram, the matter is different, it gives the user experience importance, and therefore you find that the features of Telegram are more to facilitate its use and turn off a pleasant using experience. Damage to privacy


What do you think now of Telegram and Signal and the difference between them in terms of security?

Certainly you say that Signal is superior to Telegram in terms of high security and this is true. As for Telegram, there is also security, but it is optional and limited, but it gives a more attractive user experience than Signal

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