the features of the new Apple foldable phone and the release date of the iPhone Fold

the features of the new Apple foldable phone and the release date of the iPhone Fold

Here are the best features of the new Apple foldable phone and the release date of the iPhone Fold, and we will present everything you need to know about the Apple foldable phone.


Since the launch of the first foldable phone from Samsung, rumors have increased about its rival Apple and whether Apple will launch the iPhone Fold or not.

When will Apple launch its phone, its launch date, its features, and a lot more that we will learn about in this article.


Get to know the iPhone Fold.

After Samsung launched its foldable phone, it will not be surprising if you see the iPhone Fold phone showing some leaks about its specifications.

It is not surprising that Apple is heading towards foldable phones because it will become the general trend of smartphones within several years.


iPhone Fold patent.

Apple has been holding a patent for a foldable iPhone Fold for several years.

Apple’s foldable phone patent, iPhone Fold, is among patents for foldable phones, one of which dates back to 2016.

The iPhone shows an OLED screen in one of the patents for the foldable Apple phone, with a flexible screen that folds horizontally in the middle.

In another patent, a telephone appears with two magnetically connected screens, and they can be used together normally.

This indicates that the company is working on a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone.

In addition to all this, in another patent, images of a foldable phone from Apple appear with a layer of protection from cracks.

This layer to protect the phone from cracks is a hard layer that limits the expansion of small cracks in the phone.

It is worth noting that many phone companies offer many patents that are not applied.


Expected features in the Apple foldable phone.

Here are the most important and most prominent features expected in the Apple foldable phone, coming from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

And in a recent report published by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he leaked some specifications of the new foldable iPhone, and here are the most prominent ones.

1- The screen measures 8 inches: This indicates that it will be larger than the screen of the Samsung foldable phone and the iPad mini tablet.

2- OLED screen: This is based on the expectations of patents submitted by Apple.

3- Screen support for 120Hz refresh rate.

4- The phone is expected to come with three cameras.

5- Certainly, a phone in this category supports the modern LIDAR sensor.

6- It is expected that the phone will contain Touch ID and remove Face ID technology as it conflicts with the screen that folds from the middle.


iPhone foldable price.
Expected cost of the foldable iPhone, iPhone Fold:…

A lot of factors and reasons that control the price of the Apple foldable phone, such as screen size, launch time, and the price of similar phones.

Example: The Galaxy Fold 2 is now selling for $1,800, less than the $2,000 first version.

Because foldable phones are relatively new, Apple may launch its phone at a high price compared to its competitors.

If Samsung continues to launch its phones at this price, then Apple may be able to launch its phone at these same prices to be able to compete with Samsung.


iPhone Fold release date.

According to the expectations that analysts expect about the Apple foldable phone, it is expected that it will be launched in 2023 based on Apple’s statements.

This may be slightly different if Apple solves its supply problems due to the global pandemic.


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