The most reasons for blocking website link on Facebook and how to unblock

The most reasons for blocking website link on Facebook and how to unblock

As this matter loses us a lot of good visits from Facebook to our website or blog, and in our article today we will talk about the most prominent reasons for blocking my website link on Facebook, unblock facebook.

Reasons to block my website link on Facebook and ways to avoid it unblock facebook

Many site owners are surprised that Facebook blocks their site link, and although these sites provide good content and comply with Facebook policies, Facebook sometimes blocks the links of these sites unblock facebook, and in this article we will learn about the most prominent reasons for blocking my site link on Facebook, and we will learn about some tips to avoid blocking my site link on Facebook.



The main reasons for blocking my link on Facebook

Facebook is always keen on the safety of its users and avoids their transfer to suspicious sites through the links that are posted on it, so Facebook monitors the links and in the event of detecting any suspicious activity for a particular link, it blocks unblock facebook, and Facebook filters links, and when there is a link on it Unfamiliar activity in a short time, it blocks it until this link is verified, and through Facebook’s advanced algorithm, it can monitor the movement of links on the platform, track their source and destination, and Facebook blocks links so that they do not lead users to move to fake pages, Or links that take the user to sites that steal users’ data, or transfer them to sites with malicious software that harms users’ devices and may install harmful files on their devices.

Quick posting on groups is one of the reasons why my site link on Facebook is banned.



Why is my facebook link blocked?

Facebook blocks unblock facebook links for several different reasons, and one of the most famous of these reasons is the blocking of the website link on Facebook.

• Using auxiliary programs for automatic posting in Facebook groups.

• Some users reported the link to your site.

• Publish the website link or article link in many groups in a short time.

• The link that you publish directs the user to another page, and this is considered by Facebook as a fraud.

• Your site contains pop-ups that may harm the user.

• Your site contains viruses and malicious software that may harm users.



Tips to Avoid Banning Your Website Link on Facebook

To avoid blocking your site link from Facebook, and to secure your account from unblocking facebook, follow these steps:-

• Create exclusive content and avoid stealing content from others.

• Do not post too many links to your site in a short time.

• Use URL shortening services to diversify your deployments.

• Avoid using pop-up ads on your site.

• Do not use automatic publishing programs because they harm your site link and Facebook considers it a spam link.

• Avoid links conversion operations that lead to the user’s transfer from the link that you publish to another page.

• Ensure the security of the site and the absence of malicious software or viruses.

• Your site must comply with the Facebook Community Standards and have some information about it in the About section of the site.


Thus, we have provided you with the most important reasons for blocking my website link on Facebook, and some information and tips to avoid unblocking facebook.

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