Ways to monetize on social platforms

Ways to monetize on social platforms

Now, monetizing your accounts on social media platforms is available and easy, and you can profit from your personal or commercial accounts on social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as these companies have introduced a set of methods that help share profits between these companies and their content creators. , and this matter was done by the companies, and Tik Tok company before these companies activated the profit-sharing system between the platform and its content creators, and this is what gave the Tik Tok platform great impetus and wide spread among content creators wishing to monetize their presence on the Internet, and content creators can Work in e-marketing.

You can work in social media marketing on their personal or commercial accounts and make good profits. But how will content creators profit from their accounts on social media platforms?


Ways to share profits on the Instagram platform?

In a serious step to monetize Instagram, the platform has launched new tools to help content creators, and this is what Instagram started by buying viewers for premium ads, and this is done through the Instagram Live broadcast feature, and this feature is one of the experimental features launched by the Instagram platform , but so far it has not been circulated, but Instagram has announced that it will expand other features to profit from the platform other than the Instagram Live ads feature.

Giving unique tags to viewers in support of content creators.

And Instagram has added the feature of distinctive tags, which are given to viewers, which will appear in their comments and distinguish them from the rest of the viewers, and viewers can get these badges, which will be in the shape of a heart, and this feature was estimated at $ 0.99 for one heart, And $1.99 to get two hearts, and $4.99 to get three hearts, with these badges viewers can support the creator.

By purchasing these badges, the person who purchased the badge will have this badge added next to their comments.

This will enable the content creator to know who supported it, and respond to it in particular, and the content creator can see the full list of people who hold his badge.

Content makers can work in e-marketing, social media marketing, to be able to increase their income.


When will Instagram start the revenue sharing system?

In the beginning, and as usual, the start of implementing this new feature will be on a small team, and they will be from the United States of America, and the platform plans to increase this experimental group in Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Mexico and Italy, and this is the group of countries that Instagram plans to start with. In the beta version of its profit-sharing project, but initially, Instagram will not get a percentage of the sales of these badges, but later it will deduct a part of this profit in its favor,


Will the Instagram earnings system be limited to selling badges only?

Certainly, the system of selling badges will not be the only system for profit from Instagram, but there will be other systems to profit from the platform, such as ads included in IGTV videos, which have not started working yet, but you have to strengthen your account to get your seat in the profit race from Instagram, and certainly The system for profit from IGTV videos will be a precedent in the experimental steps so that Instagram can try this system to reach the ideal form, which guarantees an ideal form for advertisers, publishers and content creators. The platform announced that the profit rate provided to content creators from the IGTV system will be 55% of revenue, and this is encouraging

The most powerful ways to profit from Instagram and social media platforms at all is e-marketing, and social media marketing is characterized by high profits if you market well.



Why has Instagram launched revenue sharing with creators now?

The Instagram profit sharing system with content makers comes at a time when the Instagram application has witnessed a significant growth in the increase in subscribers and the huge increase in the videos that are published on it. 70% and this is what motivated Instagram to activate the profit sharing system on its platform

Facebook and share its profits with creators?

Facebook also joined Instagram in the profit-sharing system from live broadcasts, through Facebook Live, in which viewers support content makers by buying stars. Advertising for brands

Twitter and enable profit sharing

Twitter also entered the profit-sharing race through the Super Follow feature, which allows content creators to request money in exchange for exclusive access to some of their tweets and news, but this feature has not been set with a timetable and is until

Currently, the features are not clear and there is not much information available about this feature at the moment

Clubhouse and profit sharing

Clubhouse announced that the revenue sharing feature will be the first feature that allows content creators to get money from Clubhouse, and Clubhouse is seeking to help and support creators on its platform, in appreciation of their efforts on the platform.


In conclusion, build your own project and start digital marketing, social media marketing.

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