Who controls the bitcoin?

Who controls the bitcoin?


Of course, these three questions I thought a lot about when he mentioned profiting from digital currencies, specifically Bitcoin.
we have all thought about answering these questions a lot, and whether they are currencies subject to organizations, bodies or countries.

Therefore, we must know that digital currencies are virtual currencies in the sense that they do not exist in reality and are not controlled by anyone.


Who controls the bitcoin?

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin work according to complex algorithms, and digital currencies do not control them individually.


Who controls the bitcoin?

Who controls bitcoin? This question is certainly that you thought about it one day, and you know that this question has puzzled many in the search for an answer.

However, the answer to this question is so simple that you may not understand it for the first time, as it happened to me.

And just for the reminder, you know, of course, paper currencies and they are subject to the control of countries and banks and are printed according to the reserves of the countries.

But cryptocurrencies differ islands, they are not owned by anyone and at the same time owned by everyone!!!.


Of course, you are now surprised by this answer, and it may be strange and incomprehensible, but I will explain it to you.

Cryptocurrency does not actually exist as a tangible thing, but it is a virtual currency that is mined by miners all over the world.

Anyone who owns a computer can start mining and obtain digital currencies.


So Bitcoin is more like an open source system and anyone can get it.

This means that the Bitcoin network is not under the control of any organization, entity or country.

There are no people who control Bitcoin, but there are some programmers who work to secure this network from hacking only and do not control the currency.

So you can start mining with ease or get the currency by buying it.

What controls bitcoin?

The people who mine bitcoin are the only ones who can control the currency easily by supply and demand, the greater the demand for the quantity supplied, the higher the price of the currency and vice versa.

As you, as a metal in the bitcoin network, control the price of the currency completely, as we mentioned, controlling the price of bitcoin is linked to supply and demand.


This means that the bitcoin network operates in a decentralized manner according to its open source system, which was established according to it.

There are those who believe that the programmers who work to develop and secure the bitcoin network that they control this currency and everything related to it, but this is not true.

Of course, these programmers have a big role and audible word, but with regard to securing the currency and maintaining the confidentiality of the data of miners and shareholders, and this is their role only.


Thus, it becomes clear to us that every person in the bitcoin network has all the advantages and rights that guarantee the continuity of the network in its decentralization.

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